Friday, April 30, 2010

Confusing?... :p Will try to organize all the item!

Some of my customer got confused by all the names, codes and title of the post. Well, my mistakes... sorry. But we learned from mistakes rite? so... will going to organize all the item properly step by step. Please, ask me if the item posted confused u so that i could update the post immediately.
Your Comments Will Be Really Appreciated. Thanks.

Lot of Loves


Monday, April 26, 2010

Leopard Brooch!

Wear something funky... Leopard Brooch!
Natural Shell Brooch, printed with leopard skin design

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Just another pink brooch

Simply cute and irresistable pink colour brooch. Pink immitation pearl with gold plated pin.
RM6 per pair./ RM4 /pc
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another version of cheer pink brooch

Another version of Cheer Pink Brooch. Glass beads combine with immitation pearl in pink, with gold plated pin.
RM5.00 each
4 item in stock.. more will be available by request
restock! 15 pcs available.
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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Text Color

ouch......... am so sorry to all the late reply to any of the emails and question. so busy with work. :). Do remind me if i forgotten anything...... will be giving extra something as my appreciation and my note of 'thank You So much for ure patient' :) to my beloved customer .

Sunday, April 4, 2010

More new brooch - OVAL PEARL!

More new brooches. Cant think of any name right now. :p.
Available for RM4/pc or RM30 for 10 pieces.
Limited Stock Only!..

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Something simple and sweet.
Name: simply sweet - SS0401
Price : RM5/pc
Buy 10 pieces and pay only RM35!

colour available: white, black orang, green

black: OUT OF STOCK!
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Giveaway Winner! i've choose "Heart of Blue" . ive copied the post here :). Loveit, creatively done! To Asmeieyza, plz leave give me ure adress. Ure "heart of blue" will be posted within this week. Hope ure happy! to others, ure entitile to buy this set @RM20 including the delivery charge. TQ to all for participating!. Happy beading
"Heart of blue"

Sungguh cantik indah berseri,
Hasil tangan kemas terukir seni,
Inilah hasil yang ku cari,
Blink-blink cantik dengan design terkini,

Kilauan bersialuan memukau mata,
Gerangan dicari pengenalan diri ,
"Heart of blue" menoktahkan cinta,
Ikatan sanubari pemikat peribadi.

Tak kenal maka tak cinta,
Sekali jenguk pasti teruja,
Jangan lepaskan giveaway dicipta,
Hadiah yang menarik sedia ditaja.

Cepat hantarkan n3 penyertaan,
31 Mac menjadi penentu undian,
Pembelian online jadi pilihan,
Sekiranya ini bukan jadi habuan.
Whaakakakakkaaa (*;').....
With LoVe (";)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

More natural shell brooch!

More natural shell brooch. Purple leopard, yellow leopard and purplepinkis heart.
Currently, only 5 pcs per item available.
So, hurry, grab it!

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Giveaway closed! .... wait for the result

give away closed! Thank you for all the entries. So many choices of cute name. Cant make up my mind yet. but will update the result SOON. So please wait ok :) Love you all :)